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Title Last Updated
Brave-Butters-Kelley Indexes2022-12-05
Commercial Paper2022-12-05
Credit to Non-Financial Sector2022-12-05
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-12-05
Debt Securities Statistics2022-12-05
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-12-05
Euro Short Term Rate2022-12-05
Federal Funds Data2022-12-05
FOMC Press Release2022-12-05
G.5 Foreign Exchange Rates2022-12-05
H.10 Foreign Exchange Rates2022-12-05
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-12-05
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-12-05
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-12-05
Interest Rate Spreads2022-12-05
International Financial Statistics2022-12-05
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-12-05
Manufacturer's Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) Survey2022-12-05
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-12-05
Nikkei Indexes2022-12-05
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-12-05
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-12-05
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-12-05
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-12-05
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-12-05
Bank of Japan Accounts2022-12-04
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-12-04
FOMC Press Release2022-12-04
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-12-03
FOMC Press Release2022-12-03
CBOE Market Statistics2022-12-02
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-12-02
Commercial Paper2022-12-02
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-12-02
Debt to Gross Domestic Product Ratios2022-12-02
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-12-02
Employment Situation2022-12-02
Euro Short Term Rate2022-12-02
Federal Funds Data2022-12-02
FOMC Press Release2022-12-02
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-12-02
H.8 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States2022-12-02
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-12-02
ICE BofA Indices2022-12-02
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-12-02
Interest Rate Spreads2022-12-02
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-12-02
Labor Force Status Flows from the Current Population Survey2022-12-02
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-12-02
Nikkei Indexes2022-12-02
Optimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices2022-12-02
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-12-02
Recession Indicators Series2022-12-02
Sahm Rule Recession Indicator2022-12-02
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-12-02
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-12-02
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-12-02
State Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report2022-12-02
St. Louis Fed Economic News Index2022-12-02
Supplemental Estimates, Motor Vehicles2022-12-02
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-12-02
Treasury Bulletin2022-12-02
Wilshire Indexes2022-12-02
CBOE Market Statistics2022-12-01
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-12-01
Commercial Paper2022-12-01
Construction Spending2022-12-01
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-12-01
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-12-01
Euro Short Term Rate2022-12-01
FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile2022-12-01
Federal Funds Data2022-12-01
Financial Soundness Indicators2022-12-01
FOMC Press Release2022-12-01
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-12-01
H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances2022-12-01
H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances (data not included in press release)2022-12-01
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-12-01
Housing Inventory Core Metrics2022-12-01
ICE BofA Indices2022-12-01
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-12-01
Interest Rate Spreads2022-12-01
Job Postings on Indeed2022-12-01
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-12-01
Market Hotness Index2022-12-01
Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment2022-12-01
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-12-01
Nikkei Indexes2022-12-01
Optimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices2022-12-01
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-12-01
Personal Income and Outlays2022-12-01
Primary Mortgage Market Survey2022-12-01
Quarterly National Accounts2022-12-01
Recession Indicators Series2022-12-01
Seasonal Credit Rate2022-12-01
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-12-01
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-12-01
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-12-01
St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index2022-12-01
St. Louis Fed Price Pressures Measures2022-12-01
Summary Measures of the Foreign Exchange Value of the Dollar2022-12-01
Supplemental Estimates, Motor Vehicles2022-12-01
Supplemental Estimates, Underlying Detail Tables2022-12-01
Supplemental Estimates, Underlying Detail Tables, Spliced Series2022-12-01
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-12-01
Trimmed Mean PCE Inflation Rate2022-12-01
Turkish Foreign Exchange Intervention2022-12-01
Unemployment in States and Local Areas (all other areas)2022-12-01
Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report2022-12-01
U.S. Recession Probabilities2022-12-01
U.S. Treasury-Owned Gold2022-12-01
Weekly Business Formation Statistics2022-12-01
Weekly Economic Index (Lewis-Mertens-Stock)2022-12-01
Wilshire Indexes2022-12-01
ADP National Employment Report2022-11-30
Advance Economic Indicators2022-11-30
CBOE Market Statistics2022-11-30
Chicago Fed National Financial Conditions Index2022-11-30
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-30
Commercial Paper2022-11-30
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-11-30
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-11-30
Euro Short Term Rate2022-11-30
Federal Funds Data2022-11-30
FOMC Press Release2022-11-30
Gross Domestic Product2022-11-30
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-11-30
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-11-30
ICE BofA Indices2022-11-30
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-11-30
Interest Rate Spreads2022-11-30
Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey2022-11-30
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-11-30
Minimum Wage Rates2022-11-30
Money Velocity2022-11-30
Monthly State Retail Sales2022-11-30
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-11-30
Natural Gas Spot and Futures Prices (NYMEX)2022-11-30
Nikkei Indexes2022-11-30
Optimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices2022-11-30
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-11-30
Recession Indicators Series2022-11-30
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-11-30
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-11-30
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-11-30
Spot Prices2022-11-30
Survey of Business Uncertainty2022-11-30
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-11-30
University of Louisville and Oklahoma State University: LoDI National Index2022-11-30
Wilshire Indexes2022-11-30
An Arbitrage-Free Three-Factor Term Structure Model and the Recent Behavior of Long-Term Yields and Distant-Horizon Forward Rates2022-11-29
CBOE Market Statistics2022-11-29
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-29
Commercial Paper2022-11-29
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-11-29
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-11-29
Euro Short Term Rate2022-11-29
Federal Funds Data2022-11-29
FOMC Press Release2022-11-29
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-11-29
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-11-29
House Price Index2022-11-29
ICE BofA Indices2022-11-29
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-11-29
Interest Rate Spreads2022-11-29
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-11-29
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-11-29
Nikkei Indexes2022-11-29
Optimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices2022-11-29
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-11-29
Recession Indicators Series2022-11-29
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-11-29
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-11-29
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-11-29
S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices2022-11-29
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-11-29
Texas Retail Outlook Survey2022-11-29
Texas Service Sector Outlook Survey2022-11-29
Weekly Financial Statements of the Eurosystem2022-11-29
Wilshire Indexes2022-11-29
CBOE Market Statistics2022-11-28
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-28
Commercial Paper2022-11-28
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-11-28
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-11-28
Euro Short Term Rate2022-11-28
Federal Funds Data2022-11-28
FOMC Press Release2022-11-28
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update2022-11-28
H.10 Foreign Exchange Rates2022-11-28
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-11-28
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-11-28
ICE BofA Indices2022-11-28
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-11-28
Interest Rate Spreads2022-11-28
International Financial Statistics2022-11-28
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-11-28
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-11-28
Nikkei Indexes2022-11-28
Optimal Blue Mortgage Market Indices2022-11-28
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-11-28
Recession Indicators Series2022-11-28
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-11-28
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-11-28
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-11-28
State Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report2022-11-28
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-11-28
Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey2022-11-28
Wilshire Indexes2022-11-28
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-27
FOMC Press Release2022-11-27
Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey2022-11-27
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-26
FOMC Press Release2022-11-26
CBOE Market Statistics2022-11-25
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-25
Commercial Paper2022-11-25
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-11-25
Euro Short Term Rate2022-11-25
Federal Funds Data2022-11-25
FOMC Press Release2022-11-25
H.15 Selected Interest Rates2022-11-25
H.4.1 Factors Affecting Reserve Balances2022-11-25
H.8 Assets and Liabilities of Commercial Banks in the United States2022-11-25
Historical Overnight AMERIBOR Unsecured Interest Rate2022-11-25
ICE BofA Indices2022-11-25
Interest Rate on Reserve Balances2022-11-25
Interest Rate Spreads2022-11-25
Key ECB Interest Rates2022-11-25
Moody's Daily Corporate Bond Yield Averages2022-11-25
Nikkei Indexes2022-11-25
Overnight Bank Funding Rate Data2022-11-25
Recession Indicators Series2022-11-25
Secured Overnight Financing Rate Data2022-11-25
SOFR Averages and Index Data2022-11-25
SONIA Interest Rate Benchmark2022-11-25
State Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report2022-11-25
St. Louis Fed Economic News Index2022-11-25
Temporary Open Market Operations2022-11-25
Wilshire Indexes2022-11-25
Coinbase Cryptocurrencies2022-11-24
Daily Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities2022-11-24
Economic Policy Uncertainty2022-11-24
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