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The Federal Reserve Economic Database (aka FRED) is a powerful source of economic data from over one hundred sources displayed in more than 700,000 charts and graphs. Much of the data displayed on FactPundit comes from FRED, and we are careful to follow their rules for sharing this data. A few important points that visitors should understand:

Educational Purposes

This site is provided to you for educational purposes, on a non-commercial basis. Basically, we are not charging you, nor are we profiting by displaying FRED data on this site. Learn more about FRED here.


We strive to properly cite sources on each page where FRED data is displayed.

Removal Requests

If an original owner of data or content displayed on this site wishes for us to modify or remove it they may contact us and we will promptly comply.


We use the FRED API, but this site is not endorsed nor certified by the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis.

FRED Terms of Use

As a user of this site you agree to be bound by the FRED Terms of Use, which you may find here.

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